Lean, Clean, SO GOOD Grass Fed Beef Pot Roast.

There are a bazillion pot roast recipe variations and I’ve tried them all. Never did I think my absolute favorite would be with nothing but a clean, lean grass fed beef roast, some sea salt and some beef stock. This recipe is beyond superb, easy, and doesn’t need any special herbs or concoctions to make it an amazing meal.

Quick, Easy, Delicious – Grass Fed Beef Chili

I am the worst about wrangling kids and working all day and then realizing that it’s almost dinner time and I have absolutely nothing ready. A girl can only handle so many blank stares from family when I have nothing for dinner to eat. This chili recipe is my EASY EASY quick go to with items you can keep on hand in the pantry, and it is SO good and healthy with our lean home grown grass fed ground beef.